Over the past 20 years, Metro Loft has pioneered residential conversions in Lower Manhattan, earning a reputation as a leading conversion developer with more than 5 million square feet of results.


Specializing in the transition of commercial properties to residential throughout New York City, our group has repositioned antiquated, underperforming office properties into modern residences with state-of-the-art amenities.

Our process allows us to apply our expertise and integrated platform to continue redevelopments prior to terminating office tenancies. This allows our projects to progress in phases, with leasing and residential move-ins commencing on completed floors, while commercial tenancies and construction continue on others.



“Metro Loft takes pride in identifying the potential of Manhattan’s historical properties to create elegant modern solutions for the city’s growing population.

Nathan Berman

Metro Loft Management, LLC is a vertically integrated real estate development and management company founded in 1997 by Nathan Berman, who continues to serve as the managing principal.

As a pioneer in the residential development of Lower Manhattan, Metro Loft has spent the past two decades redeveloping some of the most iconic buildings in downtown New York City, including landmarks such as 443 Greenwich St., 20 Exchange Place and 63 Wall St.

Metro Loft is responsible for the acquisition, development and management of some of the most notable condominium and rental buildings in Lower Manhattan. Our reputation as a leading commercial-to-residential development firm is built upon our approach and vision to preserve the details that make each property unique and to elevate them through modern design and amenities.